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What is renter’s insurance?

 What is renter’s insurance?

Renters Insurance is affordable insurance coverage designed specifically to protect renters after a natural disaster. While some tenants think that their landlord’s insurance policy will protect them, it usually only protects your landlord and the building you live in. your personal belongings and your liability are likely not covered. To do this, Farmers explains, you need renter’s insurance.

Generally speaking, renter’s insurance covers three things: theft or damage to your personal property contained in the rental unit, such as clothing, furniture, and electronics; your personal responsibility if someone gets injured in your accommodation or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property; and additional living expenses you may incur, such as hotel bills if your apartment becomes uninhabitable after the damages have been covered.

Renters insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, except that it does not cover a residential building or other structures such as outbuildings. Generally, insurance experts agree that renter’s insurance is a good investment to protect your property from a variety of adverse circumstances, including theft, fire, storm, and natural disasters.

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