home insurance

What is home insurance?

 What is home insurance?

Home insurance exists to provide protection in case something happens to your home, such as a fire, hurricane, or burglary.

Who needs it depends on your situation. As far as buildings are concerned, if you are renting or owning property for rent, you will generally not need them, as this will be the responsibility of your landlord or owner, but check. When it comes to content insurance, everyone should consider this as it is meant to protect you from loss or damage to your belongings.

To better break it down, there are three main insurance policies:

Building insurance. This covers the structure of your home and the permanent fixtures and fittings.

Content insurance. Turn your house upside down and anything that falls will usually be covered. Remember that everyone should consider this, but if you are a renter, we have a specific guide to renter’s property insurance.

Buildings and contents are merged. This is a policy that covers the above, and is a common choice if you own your home entirely, as a combined policy is usually cheaper. It can also make claims handling easier as there is only one insurer to deal with.

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