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Tim Henman gives a fitness update on Emma Raduganu

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Former British No.1 Tim Henman says Emma Raducanu is definitely putting in the hard work this season as the 20-year-old expects to be “fitter and stronger” next year. Raducanu, who turned 20 in November, has battled injuries and physical setbacks throughout the 2022 season.

After completing his 2022 season, Raducanu hired Andy Murray’s former strength and conditioning coach Jess Green. “For Emma, ​​working with Jess Green, the track work, the gym work, using her experience and knowledge, coupled with her work ethic, will definitely keep her fitter, stronger and faster.

“Watching him train over the last four to six weeks, he’s really putting in those hard yards to build that resilience,” Henman told The Times.

Raduganu ‘already fit and strong’

In early October, Raduganu injured his wrist, but the injury did not stop him from working hard in the gym.

British Billie Jean King Cup captain Anne Keothavong also gave a positive fitness update on Raduganu. “She’s very fit and strong and I think you can see the work she’s put in over the last few weeks.

It’s a good way to spend her time. I think she realizes there is an area she needs to work on and improve and she’s doing it. Wrist injuries aren’t easy, but I think it’s under control.

She has good people around her. I think she will be a strong player come next year,” Keothavong said of Raduganu. Meanwhile, Raduganu has confirmed that she plans to start her 2023 season at the ASP Classic in Auckland.

In New Zealand, Raduganu makes his debut. But before heading to New Zealand, Raduganu will compete in the Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi this December. It remains to be seen if Radukanu can stay injury free in 2023.

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