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T3 Body released its science-backed, signature and personalized fitness program to help develop successful entrepreneurs.

T3 Body released its science-backed, signature and personalized fitness program to help develop successful entrepreneurs.

JC White helps successful men get the body they’ve always wanted

JC White, Founder and CEO of T3 Body, is pleased to announce the company’s ongoing efforts and fitness offerings to help successful men become physically, mentally and professionally fit and improve.

T3 Body is a science-based, client-focused and client-tailored business that helps them educate, motivate and deliver results. White and Co. Teaches entrepreneurs how to build a shredded physique, gain more energy, and transform themselves into peak performers.

Focusing on three key elements to create an optimal exercise program for clients: one’s blood work, biomechanics and biofeedback, T3 Body is revolutionizing, modernizing and innovating the fitness industry. By focusing intensely on these three pillars of fitness, clients can identify what it takes to get fit and stay healthy, according to a program that helps them target lean body fat, strength, endurance and stamina, increased libido, and optimal focus. .

White, a former World Bodybuilding Federation (WBBF) powerlifter and Men’s Fitness Cover Athlete is dedicated to delivering results and finding success for clients. He realized that due to external influence and fad diets, maintaining a fit body is difficult, which is why he and his team focus on science to prepare fitness programs that work for each individual.

“When you work with us, I guarantee results if you pay at least 80-percent of what I ask of you,” White said. “We’ll get you in the best shape of your life, mentally and physically, while helping you get clear on what you want going forward.”

For more information on the White and Signature T3 Body workout program, prospective clients are encouraged to visit

About JC White

JC White is the Founder & CEO of T3 Body, an online, science-based fitness training and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves. The former professional bodybuilder is an AmeriHealth partner and awardee Men’s Fitness Cover athlete. For more information on how he helps clients create tailored and personalized lifestyle plans, visit

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