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Sweet Dreams Groom and Board continues to grow, offer quality pet care | News, Sports, Jobs

TAMMY COAKLEY/THE EXPRESS The exterior of Sweet Dreams Groom and Board is pictured.

Sweet Dreams Groom and Board has only been in existence for nearly three years, but in that short time the family owned business has managed to earn the public’s approval and trust. So much so that the business has been voted the winner of the “Best Pet Boarding” category in the annual The Express Reader’s Choice Awards for both 2020 and 2021.

Sweet Dreams Groom and Board is owned by Elmer and Martha Esh, who created the business at their farm property on a sloping mound at 168 Sunrise Lane that overlooks the Duck Run area of ​​Mackeyville.

On my first visit to the rural Mill Hall business on a sunny afternoon in February, I was greeted at the front door by Rosie, the multi-colored Border Collie, and Debbie, the red Pomeranian, both owned by the Esh family. Both dogs were friendly and happy to see me. Neither of the well-behaved dogs offered a bark since they are so used to visitors coming frequently.

As individuals plan their vacations, they often will seek excellent accommodations at hotels, and your dog deserves that same treatment. When you vacation and cannot take your dog along, allow your dog to have their own “5 star” vacation while you’re gone by checking them into Sweet Dreams Groom and Board where the suites are spacious, clean and comfortable.

According to Elmer Esh, “The personal suites are 4’X13′ or 6’X13′ that have heated floors for warmth in the cool months, raised beds and are vacuumed and sanitized daily. The suites are fresh-air ventilated and are air-conditioned during the warm weathered days, too.”

PHOTO BY KARYN STRATTON Dogs Rosie and Debbie are happy as can be at Sweet Dreams Groom and Board.

Many pets were happy to have their owners working at home and providing extra attention to them during the pandemic, but when pet owners are working, the animals are left at home for several hours, so to give your dog a change of pace and scenery, you can arrange for “play dates” and Doggie Day Care at Sweet Dreams Groom and Board.

“We are offering Doggie Day Care services where you can bring your dog during the day for grooming appointments and day care services which allows for the animals to have interaction with other dogs and individuals. We check on the dogs routinely and make sure they are comfortable and happy,” said Esh.

The staff at Sweet Dreams Groom and Board includes a receptionist, a groomer, and kennel workers who will lavish your pet with attention. “Your dog will be able to enjoy the outdoor runs that are spacious, clean, dry and safe under our supervision, whether for one day or an extended stay,” added Esh. “Your dog will be able to romp and play with dogs their own size and may even get to wade and dip in the kiddie pools during the summer months. Inside, they will have their own personal space that they can rest with their blankets and toys brought from home to keep them content.”

Grooming packages allow your pet to be pampered and to feel refreshed with a bath, ear cleanings, and a hair cut and style.

In addition to overnight boarding, grooming and daily Doggie day care services, Sweet Dreams Groom and Board also offers dog food, snacks and treats, nail clipping and special attention for each and every dog ​​during their visit.

The Esh’s also utilize the pet photography skills and services of Karyn Stratton who visits the business each week to take pictures of the dogs to update the Facebook page and website for Sweet Dreams Groom and Board.

Visit the website at for more information, rules and prices, and to read plenty of reviews from happy canine clients and their owners. Sweet Dreams Groom and Board can also be reached by telephone at 570-377-0340.

Sweet Dreams Groom and Board

168 Sunrise Lane

Mill Hall, PA 17751


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