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SSU’s Theta Phi Alpha hosts a “Power Hour” for women’s fitness

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Sweating during power

Sweating during power

In celebration of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day earlier this semester, Shawnee State University sorority Theta Phi Alpha hosted their “Power Hour” event in honor of the day. Junior Makayla Aiken, the society’s philanthropy chair, planned the event for the campus community to attend.

“We had about fifteen students and a few girls from SOMC Life Center attend,” she said.

“Power Hour” was an opportunity for students to participate in a fun fitness and Zumba class to promote women’s health.

“Because Theta Phi Alpha is a group of women, we want to make sure we and other women take care of their health, and exercise is one way,” Aiken said.

In addition to the class, the community asked participants to donate hygiene, sanitation and laundry items to support a local women’s center.

“We specifically wanted to help less fortunate women take care of their health, which is why we launched women’s hygiene products,” Aiken said.

By the end of the event, the group had collected nearly seven bags worth of donated items.

Sweating during power

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