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Sam Kilbourne of Ipswich Sports Club shares his fitness tips

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We all know that it’s not easy to stay healthy during the festive season, especially when there are delicious roasts and other goodies sitting in front of us on the Christmas table.

Sam Kilbourne, Senior Fitness Advisor and Duty Manager at Ipswich Sports Club, has compiled his list of expert advice for those who don’t want to be negatively surprised after the festive season.

Tip number one – fill your Christmas plate with protein.

Sam said: “A big part of the festive season is Christmas dinners – we all agree with all the trimmings!

Hungry star: Christmas dishesChristmas food (Image: Newsquest)

“It’s important to engage in times like these, however, calorie consumption can be a difficult aspect.

“My advice is to fill your plate with protein. Lean sources include turkey and chicken.

“These will keep you satisfied for longer and are usually lower in calories than fried potatoes or stuffing.”

When the days get shorter, the weather gets cooler, and life gets busy during the festive season, motivation naturally decreases.

To keep exercise levels moderate, reduce the number of sessions per week, but add extra exercise instead.

This allows you to devote more time to Christmas shopping while meeting your weekly goals.

Ipswich star: Sam Kilbourne from Ipswich Sports ClubSam Kilbourne from Ipswich Sports Club (Image: Freel)

Tip number three says – enjoy Christmas with a drink, but replace the mixers with their diet versions.

Sam added: “Don’t be afraid to enjoy a few drinks at Christmas – you deserve it after a year!

“I won’t be a scrooge telling you how many calories are in a pint or a large wine, but turning to spirits and diet mixers is a great way to keep calories down while enjoying a drink.”

Fitness clubs and gyms usually notice a big increase in attendance in January when the New Year’s resolution craze kicks in.

Sam’s last piece of advice: “Go ahead and start your fitness journey now!”

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