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It’s almost impossible to think about anything but the tragedy taking place in Ukraine. As if a worldwide pandemic is not enough, now there is war that is engaging all of civilization and affecting the lives of innocent people and animals. All of this because of a delusional bully dictator.

For many people, it is simply impossible to believe that they are under attack. The fallout and loss of life for pets, livestock and wild animals is going to be grave. The damage to the environment untold.

Seeing the pictures of the citizens of Ukraine carrying their cats and dogs and pleading for help is heartbreaking. Think about some of the challenges these people are going through. You see pictures of people crammed into bomb shelters and train stations clutching their pets. How difficult and stressful it must be for these animals. What about potty breaks?

Or during blackouts at night due to bombing, where all lights must be off for 12 hours. All the while sirens are blazing. Some people can evacuate to their basement, others not so lucky. Stories abound of newborn puppies that require a great deal of care, or pets about to whelp, or other needs for veterinary care.

Cars are gridlocked, and now gasoline is unavailable Supplies are quickly running out. Pet food is scarce. I am seeing posts that major pet brands and stores have closed so no one can get food.

There are rescues in Ukraine, some with hundreds of animals that need care. It is reported that these are getting shelled, and caregivers who did not abandon the animals are getting killed. One of the saddest things is the number of animals literally left behind in locked apartments or crates. Some time lost.

And what about people trying to evacuate by car or on foot with their pets? Maybe it is easier with small pets, but anyone with larger animals is going to have a much more difficult time. For one, you still must carry food and water.

The neighboring countries are doing everything they can to help people evacuate with their pets, like Poland, Romania and Moldava, that will take the pets without any documentation.

One breeder of a Labrador retriever kennel had 50 dogs that she needed help removing. I recall a customer of mine purchased a beautiful purebred Labrador puppy from Ukraine.

Here is an excerpt from the plan to rescue these dogs: “Dear friends from around the world who are writing and asking ‘how can we help,’ until today that is all we could do — show good will. However, thanks to some brave people (Polish and Romanian drivers) who are ready to drive into the Ukraine and take Lily Zierova and all her 50 dogs and puppies into safety, we can actually help.

“Our first need is to buy a lot of gas, since it is impossible to get it in the Ukraine — the drivers need to enter with their own resources. The transport is planned for Monday and organized by Polish breeder Beata Urbanczyk Zajac, Malmesbury Kennel and myself.”

The Facebook group ( is full of posts of people needing help and giving help.

Russia is being sanctioned, condemned and boycotted, but is it enough?

The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), which is the International Canine Federation, is the largest international group of kennel clubs in the world. Their statement: “The FCI and its general committee officially condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation. This conflict and aggression cannot leave anybody indifferent, and we all feel concerned, sad and angry. The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Army has also put entire families of our dog community in complete distress. From March 1 until further notice, the Russian Kynological Federation (RKF) will not be allowed to conduct — on the Russian Territory — any event wherein FCI titles or prizes are awarded.

“In order to give the opportunity to our Members/Contract Partners and any other persons to express their solidarity and help towards the Ukrainian people, their dog lovers/breeders/keepers, the FCI will open a bank account, especially for this purpose, where all donations are welcome and will be forwarded, with full transparency, to help the Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) and the Ukrainian breeders badly affected by the war and in serious need, living either in Ukraine or having fled to neighboring countries. The FCI will contribute to this fund in a substantial manner. Further details will be communicated in the following days.”

The world-famous international dog show, Crufts 2022, has banned any canine entrants from Russia.


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