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New regional artist directory launched | News

The Paducah Creative & Cultural Council, with the support of the City of Paducah, has launched an online directory for artists and creatives to share information about the work they create and for others to be able to find out more about Paducah’s artists.

The free, regional online directory, funded through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, lets artists select what kind of mediums they specialize in. Creatives can also select what kind of opportunities they are looking for like commissions, teaching opportunities and residency programs.

Cindy Ragland, Paducah Creative & Cultural Council chair, said the idea of ​​a directory was one of the first topics that came up when the council first met in 2020.

Shand Stamper, a board member of the Paducah Creative & Cultural Council, echoed this sentiment, and said the directory helps further the council’s mission of promoting, supporting and encouraging the arts.

“There wasn’t a central hub of people who are creative who are driving the creative industry,” Stamper said.

Stamper said she has been pleased with the reaction to the new directory.

This directory is not only for those who specialize in visual arts, Stamper said, but is also for performing artists and other creative.

“If you identify as a creative person, there’s a place for you [on the directory]Stamper said.

William Renzulli, a painter and mixed media artist, is one of the local artists who have added biographical and contact information to the online directory since it launched last week.

He said he likes the idea of ​​the directory, which launched last week, and thinks it would help those visiting from out of town locate artists’ shops and galleries that they would want to visit.

“I think a directory would be very helpful [and] save people the time from running around by just giving them a direction, a name, an address or a phone number,” Renzulli said.

Stamper said having a directory of visual and performing artists in the region would help get a count of how many creatives there are in and around Paducah, western Kentucky and some of Southern Illinois.

As of Wednesday, 16 artists and performance groups were listed in the online directory. Ragland said the Paducah Creative & Cultural Council was working on building the first 50 profiles on the directory.

Pam Spencer, city of Paducah communications manager, said the online directory is being promoted through a variety of means including social media posts, digital billboards, radio ads, business cards, and advertising before films at Maiden Alley Cinema.

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