How have hobbies changed over the past two years?

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Global events have impacted many aspects of our lives during the past two years. It’s no wonder that even our hobbies have changed. This article looks at how we spend our free time differently than we used to.

One leisure activity that has seen a great rise in popularity is online gambling, even in countries where one wouldn’t expect a rise in a hobby like this. According to a recension made by www.playcasino.co.za team, South Africa is a country that has seen a massive rise in online gambling over the past two years, specifically names like Springbok, Silversands, ZAR, Europa, and Casino.com .

How hobbies changed

One would expect that people have become more active and started spending more time outdoors. While there is some evidence that this is true, it seems that more people went online to find new hobbies.

The internet has made it easier to find these hobbies and learn the skills required to become good at them. You can access sites like YouTube for free tutorials or download an app to help you progress. Many companies started hosting specialized online workshops to teach people new skills.

Here are some of the hobbies that have become very popular in the past two years.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is an online game especially popular on Nintendo Switch. It’s set on an idyllic island where you can build a life for your characters, which includes aspects like trading on a stock market. Many people who never played online games before, have started playing Animal Crossing as a new hobby. They have also often branched out to other popular online games.

online gambling

The online gambling market exploded in the past two years. Even the US relaxed gambling laws to an extent. Countries like South Africa, the UK, and New Zealand have also seen a greater interest in online gambling.

Many people started online gambling as a new hobby, as there is a great variety of games from which to choose. You can enjoy strategy games, often found under the table games sections, or you can play slot machines of different types. Many people also enjoyed the social aspect of live casinos, where they could interact with dealers and other players from across the globe when many felt isolated.


Crafting has always been a popular hobby, but the past two years saw a drastic rise in those interested in being creative while at home. Activities like knitting and crochet found new life with younger generations, and some people even turned it into a side business to earn extra income during uncertain times.

Other activities like beadwork, painting, and sketching also increased in popularity. Many professionals offered online classes to new audiences, interacting with the instructor and other enthusiasts.


As countries started relaxing restrictions, more people took to the roads to start running. Being cooped up inside gave many people fresh motivation to work in their fitness and overall health while enjoying the fresh air. There has been an increase in app downloads to help with training and setting goals, specifically for road running and similar activities.


With so many in isolation, it’s understandable that pet keeping has also increased in the past two years. There has been a rise in new pet ownership from cats and dogs to more exotic animals like snakes, geckos, and frogs. New pet owners also tend to go online looking for information about proper pet care.

The importance of active hobbies

We’ve learned from 2020 that hobbies are an essential part of our lives. They helps reduce stress, provide structure to your leisure time, and give you confidence in various skills. While doing something passive with your time, like watching TV, may provide a sense of distraction, the effects are temporary. If you actively participate in a hobby, you’ll feel refreshed, lighter, and more confident.

Another advantage of practicing hobbies is how beneficial it is for brain function. Where passive activities allow your brain to become passive, active hobbies keep your brain engaged. This is true for almost any active hobby, be it adult coloring books, running, online gambling, or knitting.

Final thoughts

The importance of having something fun and relaxing to do may have been underestimated, but recently the world has seen the value. There are a myriad different ways to have fun and relax. The internet has made it easier to find activities that peak your interest. More and more people go online to find and participate in new hobbies and make friends around the globe.

Story by Kelvin Jones

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