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Fitness System, Body and Mind Fitness, Answers to “Why Am I So Fat?” question

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Mesa, AZ – Body and Soul Fitness held its annual International Instructor Recharge (TM) Conference between September 30 and October 2 in Mesa, AZ. One of the sessions handled by the group was “Why am I so fat?” Meaning.

Speaker, Brian Bradley, VP of The EgoSQ System, discusses the issue of “Fat or Fat?” He asked the question. And a major cause of fat build-up is a lymphatic problem. Improper loading of joints or structural or muscular imbalances can cause lymphatic drainage problems, he said.

In his explanation, the lymphatic highways are often congested, causing the lymph node to become clogged as waste is removed. Due to this, toxic waste accumulates in the body.

His presentation further highlights factors such as weight gain and weight loss, health and other factors that can affect health. Some key takeaways from the presentation include;

  • Relationship between pelvic function, metabolism, lymphatic system and weight loss
  • The function of the psoas muscle in addressing fat problems
  • The psoas muscle provides the propulsive action necessary to move fluids through tissue and cells
  • A properly engaged, supple, and unrestrained psoas can do its job in many weight-related functions, including;
  1. Regulates adrenal gland production of cortisol, which can build up fat on the face, upper back, and abdomen,
  2. digestion and elimination,
  3. Solar plexus junction affecting emotions, and
  4. Effect on metabolic rate

“We agree with Brian as he stands in awe of our lymphatic design,” says Amy Stafford, president of Body & Soul Fitness.

“God has designed amazing structures within our bodies, and we at Body & Soul want to understand that perfect design and equip our instructors to help people protect, strengthen or restore the body we’ve each been given,” he added.

Body and Soul “Where Faith and Fitness Meet (TM).” Founded in 1981, the international organization offers six program options to meet a variety of fitness styles and abilities. Clients are welcome to experience programs such as Cardio Strength & Flexibility(TM), FIT360(TM), Power Strength(TM), COLD(TM), Dance Blast(TM), and Longevity FIT360(TM).

Body & Soul trains and equips their instructors physically and with cutting-edge exercise science. It is also an accredited continuing education provider by the American Council on Exercise. Fitness organization Body & Soul offers on-demand programs with a free 30-day trial option through their online fitness community at Body & Soul FitTV(TM). One of the featured videos is their Holiday Stress Buster Meditative Workout, which includes a series of exercises and stretches influenced by The EgoSque Method.

For more information on training, becoming an instructor and where to find Body and Soul classes, visit or call (888) 660-SOUL.

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