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Fantastic Frida: ‘Immersive Frida Kahlo’ to open in Chicago | Visual Arts

The monumental works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo will be displayed in a dramatic way beginning next week in Chicago.

“Immersive Frida Kahlo: Her Life. Her Art. Her Love.” open Feb. 23 at Lighthouse ArtSpace in the historic Germania Club Building in Chicago.

The exhibit is produced by Lighthouse Immersive in a partnership with Fundacion Familia Kahlo, a foundation run by descendants of artist Kahlo.

Through the exhibit, funds will be raised for the foundation whose mission is to support women’s rights as well as to preserve Kahlo’s artistic legacy.

Mara De Anda, great-grandniece of Frida Kahlo, called the exhibit a “gorgeous” display of Kahlo’s work.

“It shows a different face of Frida,” De Anda said, adding it’s not just Kahlo as an artist that’s featured but attendees will see different segments of her life from “what’s happening in Mexico at the time, her love for Diego and her love for her family.”

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“You’ll see the human being,” she added.

The exhibit will be seen in nine cities throughout the year, including Dallas, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Los Angles, Boston, Houston and others.

Mara R. Kahlo, who is Frida’s grand-niece and mother of De Anda, said the exhibit was very “emotional.”

“You really see “Frida the force, the heart,” Kahlo said. “And it’s very exciting to see all my family on these walls,” she said, adding it made her cry when she first saw it.

Kahlo and De Anda work with the Fundacion Familia Kahlo. Kahlo is president of the foundation while De Anda is the commercial director.

“One of our missions as a family foundation is to protect the legacy of Frida,” De Anda said. Through this exhibit, Kahlo and De Anda said they want “to show the world the way we see Frida.”

De Anda said Frida had a real “passion for life and she was a grateful person.”

Kahlo said the immersive nature of this exhibit is perfect for the artist’s work.

“You can see all the details in the pictures. You can really immerse yourself and go into the pictures,” Kahlo said.

The family began working with the creators of “Immersive Frida Kahlo” a year ago to bring this exhibit to fruition. “We worked with them in the details,” De Anda said. “But we let them create. We did not limit their creativity.”

Kahlo’s family members said Frida’s work is timeless and she’d also fit right in with today’s society.

De Anda said the exhibit also shows the “strength” with which Frida lived her life. “She believed you (as a woman) can do everything you want,” De Anda said.

In addition to the exhibit, guests can also purchase tickets for yoga experiences within the exhibit, sparkling wine events and other experiences.

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