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Exclusive Interview: Highlight Dishes On “DAYDREAM” Comeback, Dramas, Hobbies, And More

Highlight has released their first full-length album “DAYDREAM”!

In celebration of their comeback, the group took time to answer some questions, including some submitted by fans via Soompi’s Twitter

Check out their interview below!

What was the hardest part of preparing for this album?
Asked by @yoseobwho

Yoon Doojoon: The hardest part was simultaneously working on my drama and the album. I mentioned this at our comeback show also, but there wasn’t enough time to the point that I wished there could be two of me. In that respect, I’m thankful to the members who were really considerate.

Yang Yoseob: I was also starring in a musical in the beginning stage of preparing for this album, so I felt some tension and stress due to my throat condition and such.

Lee Gikwang: Five of my songs were included in this album, so recording and directing the songs took a really long time. It wasn’t just recording that had to be done, but tuning, mixing, and mastering also took a long time, and I really put in a lot of effort in order to emphasize the members’ characteristics in each song.

Son Dongwoon: I managed a diet while preparing for the album, and I enjoyed the fans’ positive reactions, but it was a little difficult because I don’t really enjoy managing a meal plan. One of my songs was included in this album, and directing takes up so much energy, so it was a bit difficult being on a meal plan while working on the album.

What is your favorite B-side track on the new album?
Asked by @belovedyys

Yoon Doojoon: My favorites are “PLAY” and “Seven Wonders.” I liked both songs since the first time I heard them, so I also picked them first during our meeting.

Yang Yoseob: “Night Fog” and “Lovely Day.” “Night Fog” is a song that all of our members liked, and “Lovely Day” is not Highlight’s typical vibe, but I chose it because I think it is a love song that fits well with spring.

Lee Gikwang: “Night Fog” is a song I have affection for because the members and our agency staff really like it. “Don’t Leave” is a fun song that I really want to perform at our concert.

Son Dongwoon: “Seven Wonders”! It is a new kind of song that is sort of a different style from our songs, and it is my favorite of the B-side tracks.

Which song on this album was your favorite to record?
Asked by @endlessyoseob

Yoon Doojoon: “NightFog.” It was the first song we recorded, and the song has a nice vibe, so I recorded it comfortably.

Yang Yoseob: “Lovely Day.” The song was created by producers who created a song on my solo album last time, so I recorded it comfortably as I was familiar with them.

Lee Gikwang: Excluding the songs I made, “Our Eyes.” Dongwoon knows my strengths well, so I can record comfortably when he directs.

Son Dongwoon: “Seven Wonders.” Like I mentioned earlier, it was not the type of song we had sung before, so it was new and great.

What is your favorite part of the comeback preparation process?

Highlight: Our favorite part of the comeback preparation process is album recording. We all put our heads together to choose good songs, and when we record them with our own voices, they feel different from the guide versions, and it’s like new songs are born. We enjoy that part of the process the most.

What is the Beast or Highlight song that brings you the most comfort and happiness?
Asked by @yndjnx

Highlight: We can’t decide on one specific song, but the songs we like the most and the songs that make us happy when we sing them are the songs we perform at concerts. When we harmonize and sing together with fans, a new story is created within that song. We are the happiest then.

Which artists would you like to collaborate with?
Asked by @ArrowFan2014

Highlight: These days, everyone is so good at writing songs, and not only do they have outstanding skills but they also have unique colors of their own, so it is difficult to pick a specific artist. We will always welcome someone who can also harmonize well with each of our own colors.

If you were given a time machine, which year do you want to go to?
Asked by @duyoduyohae

Highlight: 2009? We want to briefly see the fresh side of us from when we had just made our debut. But rather than going back to promote during that period, we just want to take a quick look and come back.

What is a drama you have enjoyed watching recently?

Yoon Doojoon: These days, I’ve been so busy with filming for a drama and preparing for the album that I didn’t get a chance to watch any dramas.

Yang Yoseob: Rather than talk about a drama I recently enjoyed watching, I want to ask viewers to tune in to Yoon Doojoon’s “There Is No Goo Pil Soo” (literal title), which will premiere soon.

Lee Gikwang: These days, I tend to watch a lot of dramas on OTT platforms, and I recently enjoyed watching “All of Us Are Dead.”

Son Dongwoon: I think I’ll introduce a foreign drama. I enjoyed watching “WandaVision,” which is also a drama that came out on an OTT platform.

Are there any new things you want to try in the future?
Asked by @jaehyunneo

Yoon Doojoon: Since I like to exercise, I want to try various sports.

Yang Yoseob: Similar to Doojoon, I enjoy doing various fun sports. I learned boxing and bowling in the past and did them for quite a long time because they’re both fun, so I think it will be nice to learn something that can become a hobby like [boxing and bowling]†

Lee Gikwang: Since I’m working on making songs these days, I want to learn something that will help with that. I want to study musical chords more in depth, and I think learning something like the piano will also be helpful, so I’m considering this and that.

Son Dongwoon: Before preparing for the album, I found boxing fun, so I was working hard on learning, and I’m thinking of starting again after album promotions end. Besides boxing, I also want to try studying languages ​​again.

Please share a message for international fans!

Highlight: It’s been a while since we saw the faces of fans abroad due to COVID-19, but we are grateful that you still remember us and give us endless love. This year, by all means, we are sincerely praying that the day can come in which we can see fans’ faces at concerts and enjoy that time all together. Also, please listen a lot to Highlight’s first full-length album “DAYDREAM,” which was released on March 21. Everyone, stay healthy and happy. Thank you.

Watch Highlight’s “DAYDREAM” music video here!

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