Don’t fall for the curse of retirement

Some reading this title immediately will identify with it. Others who started counting the day on which they could retire almost the minute they started their first job won’t appreciate the title one bit.

Obviously, lots of people feel a foreboding before that milestone or buyer’s remorse afterward based on the number of articles I’ve read with titles like: “Going Back To Work After You Retire,” “What If You Regret Retiring?” “Jobs You Can Do In Retirement,” the title above, and the one-word, non-word title: “Un-retiring.”

Research suggests that pre-pandemic, a full one-third of retirees returned to some kind of work after calling it quits.

The title I saw that terrorizes many, not just retirees, is: “What If ‘Entitlements’ (Social Security) Dry Up?”

We’ll come back to that.

I know there are some stereotypes of retirees that I might have had during my working years that I’ve concluded are patently untrue now that I’ve been retired for more than two years. Reverting to my career days of using alliteration in sermons, here goes.

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