Dog owner not cleaning up after his pet

The best way to learn the identity of the dog misbehaving near your car is to infiltrate the pack at a dog park.

DEAR SHAUN: I live in an apartment building where there are few spots to let your dogs relieve themselves. One popular spot is a grassy area next to the building’s parking lot. We have designated spots and mine is next to this grassy area. For the most part my neighbors do a nice job cleaning up after the dogs. However, at least once a week there is a mess made by a dog quite close to where I get into my car. Not often, but often enough, I have stepped in that mess. I don’t know the dog or the owner that is doing this, but how can I get a clean path to my car in the future? — In Deep Dog Doo

DEAR DOG DOO: This is tough because you do not know the offender. I suggest you do some recon. Start hanging around dog parks, sniff a couple butts, shake a couple of tails, interrupt someone’s game of fetch if you have to. You need to become one of them, earn their trust. You have to make them believe you’re a dog and that they can talk to you.

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