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Best fitness tracker deal: Fitbit offers up to $80 off

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If you’ve got a fitness favorite on your gift list, or want to take your own fitness more seriously, Fitbit is a good place to start. Just in time, Amazon is offering some sweet deals on Fitbit products ahead of Black Friday. Read on for our top picks:

Our top pick

Why we love it

Fitbit Versa 4(opens in new tab) The fitness smartwatch is only $3 more than ever on Amazon, making it a worthy splurge. The entry-level tracker tracks 40 different fitness modes, including activity and heart rate monitoring throughout the day.

Plus, it provides a sleep score based on the overall quality of your sleep, so you know if you’re getting enough deep sleep to restore your immune system to optimal levels. Also, the built-in GPS system tracks your exercise route so that your activity data is never compromised.

Some women prefer this smartwatch because of its menstrual cycle tracking feature. The watch comes with Fitbit Pay for seamless financial transactions, while incoming call and text notifications are always on. With a free 6-month Fitbit Premium membership for exclusive fitness guidance and a 6-day battery life on a single charge, this smartwatch is worth every buck.

Best size deal

Why we love it

Most scales show your current weight, like the Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale(opens in new tab) It goes further by tracking your weight fluctuations and guiding you to reach your desired weight. This size is super sleek and less than a foot wide, and it has a grippy bottom to prevent sliding accidents in the bathroom.

Setting up is just as easy as connecting it to your Fitbit app to get a better overview of your fitness goals. The backlit LCD at the top displays your weight, and you can then log into your Fitbit app to check your BMI (Body Mass Index). However, this scale has some drawbacks, such as the lack of information about the causes of your BMI

fluctuations and the ability to track weight up to a maximum of 400 pounds (approx. 180 kg). If you’re already a Fitbit user in the market for a tracking scale, claim one today.

Best for kids

Why we love it

On the face of it, an activity tracker may seem unnecessary to children. However, those who want to help their kids be more active will love this option. Animated clock faces and virtual badges will encourage your child to get out of bed and move. Because babies need more sleep, the tracker’s silent alarms and instant bedtime reminders help adjust their schedules to get enough shut-eye.

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