10 Cartoons With The Catchiest Theme Music, Ranked

Cartoons have been gracing our screens for decades now, and many of them are enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The familiar tunes of favorite animated shows work as a melodic appetizer before the beginning of each episode. Musical motifs from the introduction are also incorporated into episodes, creating a strong sense of cohesion.

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Some theme songs are even performed by world-renowned musicians and viewers will ritually sing along. Even great themes without any lyrical accompaniment whatsoever can have people memorizing their various instrumental cues. Due to the cartoon medium’s popularity and the overall aesthetic appeal of a show, some theme music is more memorable than others.

10 Top Cat Reruns Have Kept The Theme Song Alive

Top Cat theme song

While Hoyt Curtin was the musical director at Hanna-Barbera he composed many of the animation studio’s theme songs, including The FlintstonesThe JetsonsJonny Questand even best cat, about a behatted character who leads a gang of alley cats. Top Cat was short-lived, however, lasting for a scant 30 episodes, from 1961 until 1962. Since then, reruns of the show’s sole season have been televised along with the original theme song.

Because of these reruns, the iconic cartoon is known by many and the catchy music has lived on through generations. The theme song has a unique swinging 60s aura with an undeniable charm. The memorable music was revitalized for Top Cat: The Movie which was released in 2011.

9 The Kim Possible Title Sequence Encourages Viewers To Sing Along

Kim Possible Disney cover

The Disney Channel aired the first episode of Kim Possible way back in 2002, and with it, a groovy theme song was bestowed upon the world. The intro music, “Call Me, Beep Me!” was performed by R&B-pop singer, Christina Milian, and a shorter arrangement was used for the title sequence. The theme song helped to set the tone of the show with a youth-directed sound.

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At the time, the genre was incredibly popular, so the choice of theme genre was a no-brainer. Sound effects were also incorporated into the intro music to keep with the cool, espionage-style theme of the show. The soulful single was prime material for radio, and as a result, many people knew the theme song including many who didn’t even watch the cartoon. The theme has also subsequently been covered many times.

8 The Pink Panther Show’s Famous Melody Was Heard During The Episodes

The Pink Panther Show 1969

in 1963, The Pink Panther movie made its way onto the big screen. six years later, The Pink Panther Show was released and the theme tune played a more important role. In many episodes, the main melody is heard throughout each segment while the audience watches the mischievous doings of the titular feline hero.

Because of its repetitive usage, the sneaky motif is one of the most familiar tunes in the world. There have also been many jazz variations based around this theme which have further ensured the song’s place in the pantheons of popular culture. The piece was written by Henry Mancini who also composed the famous song, “Moon River,” for Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) and dozens of other iconic soundtracks.

7 Fairly OddParents Has A Lively And Jazzy Title Sequence

Fairly OddParents intro with Wanda, Timmy, and Cosmo

Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents made their debut on Nickelodeon in 2001. The Fairly OddParents has a lively theme song that sets the tone of the show and does the work of actually explaining what the show is about. The misunderstood protagonist sings his childish wishes during the invigorating title sequence, setting the scene for what’s to come.

Many people love the idea of ​​being granted wishes, much like in fairytales, so there is a natural excitement surrounding the show’s concept. The theme song mirrors this energy with an upbeat and jazzy musical style. The renowned lyrics and intro music were also used for the series’ first TV movie, Abra Catastrophe!

6 Family Guy Has An Unforgettable Theme Song

Family Guy intro on stage

As soon as fans saw their first episode of family guy, many were hooked by the hilariously crude and outrageous humor. The theme song makes the show unforgettable with its snappy melody and easy-to-remember lyrics. The ironically iconic instrumentation consists of a typical brass band which is usually associated with swing music and sophisticated occasions.

Throughout each episode, variations on the main motif can be heard, all while adhering to the tone and mood of the scene. It’s also worth noting that the introduction serves as a tribute to the classic sitcom, all in the family, as the two sitcoms visually begin with a couple singing whilst sitting at a piano.

5 Rugrats Was A Big Part Of Many People’s Childhood

Rugrat's logo

The beloved children’s cartoon, backgrats, proves that music doesn’t need lyrics to be memorable. Many adults would be able to instantly whistle or hum the catchy melody from the classic animation because it was such a big part of their childhoods. The tuneful piece was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO, who also wrote music for video games such as Crash Bandicoot and The Sims 2

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in the backgrats reboot, the theme has been given a modern adaptation but the iconic melody remains. This means that a new generation of children will grow up with the show and the memorable music will live on for years to come.

4 The Simpsons Theme Tune Is One Of The Most Recognizable

The Simpsons around the TV

Everyone’s favorite animated family has been on our screens for more than three decades. The Simpsons‘ intro music has remained the same over the years, except for the Treehouse of Horror episodes that take on a more spooky approach to the title sequence.

Danny Elfman, the singer-songwriter of Oingo Boingo, and composer for many of Tim Burton’s most iconic movies is responsible for the catchy melody which is both happy and chaotic. During the introduction, sound effects are heard such as car screeches and school bells which help to set the scene of a bustling town environment. The Simpsons is popular in many countries and the theme tune is recognizable to millions of people around the world.

3 Arthur Has An Infectious Theme Song

Arthur TV series cover

One of the longest-running children’s animated shows has a very distinctive theme song. Arthur features cute animation, good morals, and uplifting storylines. The educational cartoon touches on subjects that children of all ages can relate to. The friendly music also complements the positive and light-hearted characteristics of the animation.

The infectious theme song is accompanied by reggae musician, Ziggy Marley, who sings the lead vocal part. “Believe in Yourself” is easy on the ears, and after 25 seasons, viewers still feel compelled to sing along to the feel-good track.

2 SpongeBob SquarePants Has A Bizarre And Captivating Intro

SpongeBob SquarePants pirate from the intro

The underwater adventures of a smartly-dressed sponge and his starfish friend began in 1999. The Nickelodeon cartoon has maintained the same theme song throughout SpongeBobthe thirteen seasons. The catchy theme song, along with the bizarre visuals, is both captivating and mesmerizing.

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The theme song’s style could be categorized as a surf rock-inspired sea shanty with a dash of country music. The clashing genres match the characteristics of the cartoon and meet the nautical nonsense demands of the show’s anthropomorphic sea creatures. the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song is also short, energetic, and easy to remember. Many viewers find it hard to resist the temptation to sing along.

1 American Dad! Has One Of The Most Patriotic Theme Songs Ever Made

American Dad!  characters

Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, gave the world American Dad! in 2005. CIA agent, Stan Smith, is the man of the house who comes across as a conventional dad with traditional views, but not without his quirks. The protagonist (voiced by MacFarlane) also sings the catchy theme song during the opening credits which is among the most patriotic theme songs ever made.

The title sequence is performed by a military orchestra or marching band to heighten the show’s characteristics. American Dad‘s proud theme music also unites cartoon fanatics who have a similar sense of humor. “Good Morning, USA” is short and sweet, but also attention-grabbing.

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